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Innovative and luxurious creations are given concrete shape by highly skilled craftsmen


The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Manesar helps the brand ensure high standard quality


Cutting edge machinery technology & detailed craftsmanship deliver elegant and generation lasting furniture.


Envisioned by extraordinary clients

Designed by

Our legacy

Sarita Handa Group

Natara is an offshoot of the global export and retail brand, Sarita Handa. Since its establishment in 1992, Sarita Handa has envisioned beautiful homes adorned with international quality furnishings. After the stupendous success in the export business, the company forayed into the retail space and created a niche for itself in the domestic market. Following the success of both ventures, the management took the decision to enter the bespoke furniture and interior space in order to fill gaping void in terms of quality, creativity and aesthetics.

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Clients are intimately involved at each step of the process

Interior design

This service starts by assessing your design needs and a discussion on what is involved in a full interior designing or renovation , an extension or a new construction. This includes whole interior as in colour scheme, flooring, wall paneling, ceiling, space planning, furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, décor, accessories etc.

Furniture design

A professional designer will guide you with designs according to your space and requirement, showcasing a whole layout & space planning for better understanding of the area and furniture pieces. This includes only furniture designing & Upholstery.


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    Bringing a space into life is almost like poetry, just like each word is thoughtfully selected, flawlessly merging into the other, leading to a composition that is forever etched on a piece of paper, we pay immense attention to each colour, texture, pattern forming an eclectic yet poetic composition which becomes your forever home.

    From understated elegance to unexplored quirks, NATARA promises a memorable experience that fills spaces with warmth, comfort, fond memories and nostalgia.

    We believe that design discovery is a journey that always leads to a beautiful home.

    The Brand is fueled by its customer-centric approach that gives equal importance to both form and function that would eventually create spaces that tell stories.

    Every solid wood piece that is designed and produced at NATARA is an outcome of our team’s shared love for wood and its craftsmanship.

    We guarantee an unforgettable experience that will provide nostalgic memories of your home. the brand is celebrated for it’s ability to turn regular spaces into works of art. Unique customisation and unparalleled craftsmanship bring to life spectacular interior designs.